NBN Troubleshooting

Understanding The Basics

There’s nothing more frustrating than a spotty, unreliable, or otherwise poorly functioning internet connection. If you’re a customer of the NBN, you’ve probably run into connection issues in the past – and you’re wondering what you can do about it. If that’s the case, read on to learn more about the basics of NBN troubleshooting.

What Is The NBN?

The NBN is the government-owned corporation in Australia, tasked to build a National Broadband Network (NBN) – hence, the name.

The NBN was founded in order to provide Australians with a high-performance, reliable broadband network, by bringing together disparate network connections such as optical, hybrid fibre-coaxial, copper, and radio/satellite fixed networks.

Why Might I Need To Troubleshoot?

Well, there’s no such thing as a perfect internet connection. Things go wrong with the NBN all the time. The NBN is large and complex, and your connection could fail for any number of reasons, including power outages, cut cables, and infrastructure failure.

In addition, your own internet equipment, such as your modem, computer, or router could be at fault.

Simply Connect NBN Troubleshooting services

What Steps Can I Take On My Own?

There are quite a few troubleshooting steps you can take on your own to test your NBN connection, and restore connectivity. Here are some basic steps to consider.

  • Check all cables and wires – It’s possible that some of your equipment has simply become loose or unplugged. Check all power cables connecting to your NTD, and ensure that everything is powered on correctly, and functioning. Check for damaged cables, and make sure everything is connected.
  • Check all indicator lights on your equipment – Note which lights on your equipment are glowing, lit, or flashing, and contact your ISP or telephone provider for further troubleshooting instructions.
  • Check for alarms – If your equipment is failing, you will hear a variety of alarm sounds coming from your NTD, power supply, or other NBN equipment. Check your user guides to determine the point of failure.
  • Check your fibre-optic connection – Has a recent storm knocked out power lines, or is there construction nearby that may have cut your fibre-optic connection? Take a close look, and check for obvious damage to your line. If damage is detected, contact your telephone or internet provider for help restoring your connection.

Who Can Help Me With NBN Troubleshooting Issues In Sydney & Wollongong?

If you are having difficulties troubleshooting NBN issues in Sydney & Wollongong, you should contact your ISP or telephone provider for help.

Our company Simply Connect can also help you troubleshoot common NBN problems. We have a deep understanding of the complex NBN infrastructure, as well as local ISPs and telephony providers.

Learn more about how we can help by contacting us today and see the results of our past work on our customer testimonials page.

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