How to extend your WiFi signal

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Staying connected to the internet continues to grow in importance every day. If your Wifi needs aren’t being met because the signal is short and weak, do not despair, there is still hope. While it may be frustrating enough to drive someone to the brink of insanity, there is straightforward methodology that you can implement to hop back on a consistent wave of internet. In this article, we are going to outline some of the ways you can extend the effective range of your Wifi signal.

Where to put the router

First things first, find the optimal access point for your Wifi router. If your router is on one side of the building and you are struggling to get a decent connection on the other, try and relocate the router in a more central and accessible position. Sometimes relocating your router is rather impractical logistically though.  Placing it on an elevated surface has been shown to improve the coverage of the wireless signal.

Update Firmware

Not many people are aware of how to update a routers firmware or what the benefits are. It’s important to keep your router up to date and keeping on top of firmware updates is on the top of the list.  From fixing bugs, to adding more controls, to optimising the routers performance, a new firmware update can really make a difference. Instead of simply resorting to the “turn it off and back on” method, it’s suggested you look up how to update your router’s firmware and give it a go.

How to extend your Wi-Fi signal | Simply Connect Sydney


Because Wifi signals are fundamentally radio waves, they share the same impediments and limitations as other radio waves.  Interference is when the broadcasted Wifi signal is impaired by signals of a different origin. Many common technologies and appliances used at the home of office can cause Wifi interference.  Anything from cordless phones to microwaves can interfere with your Wifi signal. If interference is a problem, identify what nearby appliances may be causing it position the router where the signal won’t be impaired.

Regulate Bandwidth heavy applications

If an application is demanding a high bandwidth, then the internet speed will slow down significantly. When there is multiple applications all fighting for bandwidth, the internet speed could be rendered effectively unusable.  This calls for a degree of optimisation to provide the router with information as to what applications to prioritise bandwidth.

For example, streaming a high definition video whilst downloading a number of large files could drop the internet’s download and upload speed. This would make playing an online game during this time very difficult.

Extend the range capacity with a range extender

Using Wifi boosters is a reliable way to extend the reach of your Wifi. There are many different types of Wifi extenders on the market and there are different ones for different circumstances. These work by intensifying the Wifi signal, then broadcasting it again. They are usually quite easy to set up and provide great results.

Or another option is that you could use a mesh network. Mesh Wifi networks are like a web if Wifi created by multiple nodes spread around the place. These can cover quite a large area improving the capacity to utilise Wifi throughout a building

Replace the antenna

Replacing the routers antenna with a better aftermarket one can improve the range. This can be done by swapping from the factory antenna to a high gain directional antenna. High gains aren’t only found in the gym, they are also a type of directional antenna that can extend the range in which the Wifi signal can be reached.

Choose the right Wifi Band for you

2.4 GHz vs. 5 GHz. There are 2 main bands on which routers broadcast Wifi signals. Depending on the environment, both of these bands have their pros and cons.  5 GHz is faster than 2.4 GHz but looses speed when needing to penetrate walls. 2.4ghz is slower than 5 GHz but doesn’t lose as much speed as the 5 GHz. Because lots of other devices and appliances run on the 2.4 GHz, there is a higher chance of their being interference.

Buying a new router

Ultimately everything has a shelf life and wireless routers are no exception. If the above suggestions haven’t solved the problem then maybe it’s time to upgrade your router to a newer model dual band router. Old routers can start to lack the ability to consistently provide the Wifi distance. In the process of growth, the deadwood needs to burn off. While it may be painful to let go of your once beloved router, there are other routers in the sea.


Getting faster speeds from you wireless network can seem like a monumental task. Hopefully, with this article you are able to be reconnected to the fountain of infinite knowledge and entertainment known as the internet in your home or office without using an Ethernet cable. If however you need additional support, feel free to contact Simply Connect on 0433 107 846 or 0402 637 394 for our Wifi Boosting services. We look forward to speaking with you.

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