TV & Home Theatre Installation

A complete Home TV & Theatre Installation System consists of the following things:

  • A television set or a flat screen though a projector may be used.
  • Home Theatre speakers (consists of the centre speaker, front left and right speakers and the surround speaker).
  • In some cases, AV or a Home Theatre receiver
  • Connection to a cable network.
  • Sound meter ( Ideally)
  • Appropriate cables and cords.
  • Subwoofer
  • Installation

    Simply Connect will safely install your entertainment and telecommunication systems and equip your home or business throughout with all the necessary infrastructure (wall mounts, power points, internet points, phone sockets and cable TV points) that is required by you, your family or your business. (One FREE HDMI cable with any installation).

    The Cost of a Surround Sound System

    What is the cost of a Surround Sound System/ Home Theatre? This is probably the question every consumer asks when they step into any retail shop and fail to see the price tag on an item. The cost of a wireless surround sound system varies greatly with location and brand.

    New technologies emerge every day, however, we are constantly adapting to changes and you can rest assure that we will install your equipment in the most professional way.

    Simply connect works directly with a number of big brands. Let’s have a chat to find out what is it that you in mind. We can also suggest the best brand based on your budget.

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