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Is your television displaying poor pictures? Have you done a Digital TV Antenna Installation? Before you write negative reviews about the manufacturer of the TV set, think about buying an antenna. The problem might be the poor reception at your home.

Currently, the Digital Antennas are steadily taking over the market with many parts of the world experiencing digital migration. However, the use of old “aerials” hasn’t yet qualified to be termed archaic. If you live in a remote place or a region with poor reception, owning an aerial or a digital antenna is a necessity. The installation of an antenna can be done for you by the retailer of the kit or by specialised firms, but it is obviously advantageous to know how you can go about the process in case you are buying the antenna in a town that is miles away from your area of residence. Learning the skill will also save you some coins that would otherwise end up in the pocket of a technician. Find out what you need to know to make a successful antenna installation.

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Choosing the Type of Antenna to Install

Antennas come in various kinds. An antenna can either be situated indoors or outdoors. People make a choice between these two antennas basing on different reasons. In areas where theft is rife, setting up an outdoor antenna can be quite a gamble. The prevailing weather conditions can also dictate which the type of antenna you’ll buy. However, it is worth knowing that putting the antenna outdoors will enable you to capture more channels than if you locked it in your house. For areas with very poor reception, outdoor antennas are the best option.

Besides outdoor and indoor antennas, there are also unidirectional and multi-directional antennas. You need to know the specific type that suits you. Unidirectional antennas tend to be a spindle or spear shaped. They are meant to pick signals that are transmitted from a particular area, and they need to point to the direction of where the signal emanates. Multidirectional antennas save you the trouble of having to point to a particular direction but instead they scan for over-the-air signals coming from different directions.

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Choosing the Site for your Digital Antenna Installation

With an indoor antenna, the location of installation can be anywhere in the house. Most people will have it placed near the TV. However, for an outdoor antenna, you have to find the “sweet spot” where signals can be picked effectively. Most manufacturers recommend that you install the antenna on your rooftop. You can also have the antenna along the gable or on a long pole as long as it plays the role of bettering the pictures on your screen and increasing the number of channels that you can access.

Once you have set up the antenna, you should run a channel scan to capture and save all the television signals that reach your locality. Remember that with a digital antenna, when the channels are found, you will get display on the screen, and there are never any fuzzy displays on the screen like is the case with analog signals.

Digital TV Antenna Installation Checklist

  • Make sure all the outdoor connections are properly sealed.
  • Point the antenna to the transmission tower.
  • Run a channel scan each time you install an antenna.
  • Avoid long connection because the signals weaken along the course of transmission.
  • Always make sure you have the antenna installed correctly to avoid the hassle of returning to the retailer when the fault is poor installation.

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